Beacons at stage@leeds

Yvon Bonenfant's "Beacons" is being performed at stage@leeds on Tuesday 27 September at 7.30pm.

Beacons is an emotional journey through voice and projections.  The piece takes the audience right inside sounds, images, and narratives of love and longing, of wonder, and of reaching out to those we miss, in an audiovisual experience that is as special as it is unique.  The astonishing range and sensuality of the voice of Yvon Bonenfant form the sonic core of the show.

Alongside this, the engaging, enchanting video landscapes by Leeds based video artist David Shearing, replete with flashing motorway works lights, antenna beacons, images of ocean buoys and lighthouses, takes the audience deep into a world of visual poetry that explores the ways we humans signal to one another.

Tickets can be purchased from the stage@leeds box office - tel. 0113 343 8730 - or online.

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