£6.6 million funding award for Leeds musculoskeletal research centre

The University and the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust have been awarded £6,675,334 by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) for the Leeds Musculoskeletal Biomedical Research Unit.

The funding will enable the Unit to continue its groundbreaking research into musculoskeletal disease, and in particular into the cause and management of inflammatory arthritis.

In making the award, the NIHR took into account:

  • the volume of the Unit's internationally-excellent research
  • its research capacity - along with its plans to increase that capacity through training
  • the strength of the Centre's strategic planning
  • the relevance of its research to the health of patients
  • its track record in translating its research into benefits for patients, the public and the NHS
  • the strength of its partnerships

Paul Emery, Professor of Rheumatology and Head of the University's Division of Musculoskeletal Disease said, "I am delighted by this award. It confirms the Centre's status as a world leader in the study of inflammatory disease and in musculoskeletal imaging."

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