The circular economy

The University's Centre for Low Carbon Futures (CLCF) is holding an event in York on 6 October on the 'Circular economy; innovative thinking for a sustainable future'.

CLCF has been working closely with the Ellen McArthur Foundation on mechanisms to develop a 'circular economy' where materials are used in a closed loop rather than the 'make, use and dump' cycle of today.  The event is being held in collaboration with the York Environmental Sustainability Institute:

On: Thursday 6 October 2011

At:   11.00am - 7.00pm

In:   The Ron Cooke Hub, University of York

The meeting will be moderated by Bernice Lee of Chatham House and includes presentations from Andrew Miller, Chair of the Science and Technology Select Committee, Stef Kranendijk of Desso and Sarah Eppel, Head of Sustainable Products and Consumers at Defra as well as Dr Alan Murray of Leeds University Business School.

Registration is by email to

To find out more, visit the Low Carbon Futures website

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