Disruption to M: and N: drives and other services (3 and 10/9/11)

There will be disruption to some services on Saturday 3 September from 9am-5pm and to some M: and N: drives on Saturday 10 September from 9am-5pm.

Saturday 3 September

Most of the disruption to services on this day will be minor, as most critical systems can be run from the Central Datacentre.  There will, however, be some disruption to the following ISS services:

  • British Education Index
  • QMP
  • ITS
  • Captiva
  • Seedstat

Please note that these services will not be unavailable for the entire day: only while the relevant server is being moved and reconnected.  However, ISS cannot predict the exact times when each server will be down.  They should, therefore, be considered at risk during the entire period of 9am-5pm.

Saturday 10 September

The main disruption on this day will to the file servers which provide your M: and N: drives.  ISS plans to move the file store servers at about 9am.  In theory they should be back in service by 10.30am.  This will affect about half of all users.  Please see the list of drives affected to check if your home directory and shared area will be affected during the move.

This work is necessary as we need to create space in the Houldsworth Datacentre for the arrival of new equipment.  On these dates, ISS will be moving a total of 68 servers and de-commissioning another 15.

If you have any queries about the work, please contact Mark Madeley.

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