UPMC project update

The full version of the new Universal Programme and Module Catalogue (UPMC) software will be delivered to the University on 12 August.

This represents a significant delay from the planned date of April which means that, in order to accommodate essential testing and training, the go-live date has had to be postponed from October 2011.

It was always accepted that developing the core Unit4 ACMS (Agresso Curriculum Management System) to meet our complex and diverse processes and infrastructure would be a challenging task and it's of course crucial that we go live with absolute confidence. 

Delays in completing the technical development have meant that it is now impossible to undertake the system and user testing and staff training necessary to be confident we could go live in the natural window of opportunity in October 2011.  Furthermore, the need to maintain core academic and administrative processes does not allow us simply to push the launch back by a month or two; we have to find a logical point in the academic cycle.

Detailed planning is currently underway to schedule testing and training and to identify a go-live date determined by the priorities and practice in the services and schools.  Absolute priority will be given to ensuring there is no disruption to those existing processes in schools and central services upon which our programme approval and student enrolment rely.  Further information will follow when the plan is agreed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those in ISS, Student Administration and the Faculties who have been working hard to ensure that this project delivers a system that we will all benefit from for many years to come.

If you have any queries about the project please email the Project Manager, Paul Holmes.

Vivien Jones
Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Student Education)

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