Counselling service comes in-house

The University’s Staff Counselling & Psychological Support service has now been brought in-house, making it easier for all staff to access and use a broader range of services.

"We're building on the service and support offered by staff counsellor John Adams for 18 years, and now we are able to be more proactive in letting people know that we're here and what we can offer," says Manager of the service and staff counsellor Sally Rose. "The aim is to consolidate and embed the service within University life and make better links and relationships with other people in staff support. By raising awareness of what we do, we hope to encourage people to come to us earlier so we can help them deal with problems at the most timely point."

The service takes a very flexible approach and counsellors respond to individual needs. They can help people deal with personal problems, and can also offer support to colleagues who have issues of well-being and health or role-based, professional problems that they want to discuss.

"We use a range of techniques, tools and approaches and work with our clients to establish what kind of support, therapeutic approach or resources might be most relevant, helpful and appropriate for them," explains staff counsellor Nicola Neath.

As well as individual counselling, the service also runs training and development workshops through the Staff and Departmental Development Unit (SDDU). These can be accessed as part of the Leadership and Management Programme or the Personal and Professional Programme. They cover particular issues such as stress management, assertiveness and dealing with people in distress. The service can also design a bespoke training course if a department or group has a specific need it wants to address.

The Staff Counselling & Psychological Support service is free and completely confidential. Staff can email or telephone to make an initial appointment, which can usually be arranged within two weeks.  Where needed, appointments can be arranged earlier or later in the day or at lunchtimes.

For more details please contact  or telephone 0113 343 3694.

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