Leeds researchers to address the Women in Research Group

Marta Cobb, from the School of English, and Catherine Haworth, from the School of Music, are to address the next Women in Research Group meeting on 15 June.

Marta's talk, entitled "Who me, teach witchcraft?: a medievalist reminisces", will describe her experiences of teaching "Narratives of Witchcraft and Magic", a second and third year elective which examines the portrayal of witchcraft over the past millennium, from Anglo-Saxon charms to Harry Potter, with a brief detour concerning Leeds' very own witch, Mary Bateman.

Catherine will talk about "Dames and siren songs: music and the "criminal" woman in 1940s Hollywood". She will discuss some of the ways in which film soundtracks engage with issues of gender identity in the portrayal of femmes fatales in 1940s Hollywood crime and noir film. She will explore three films in particular - The Locket, A Woman's Secret, and Out of the Past.

The Group meeting will take place:

On: Wednesday 15 June

At:  3.30-5.00pm

In:  Lecture theatre 1, School of Music

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