Walking and talking around Leeds with Gerry Turvey

The Leeds Psychogeography Group has arranged a walking and talking event around Leeds on 23 June.

A random exercise in urban exploration (developed from an idea by the German choreographer Thomas Lehman), it requires a small group of people, a willingness to have fun, and a sense of imagination. A series of timed walks, followed by short interventions of fantasy from participants, will be documented and mapped by photographs, and viewed on return over a drink.

The choreographer Gerry Turvey of Turvey World will lead the walk. There will be places for up to 15 participants. This walk by Gerry will be a sociable, fun and interesting psychogeographical exercise.

The walk/talk itself will last approximately 1 hour. Anyone can attend, and you don't need to have been to any previous Leeds Psychogeography Group events.

This is a free event, but numbers are limited due to the nature of the walk. Please email Tina Richardson from the School of Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies for more information and to book your place.

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