Mr Peter Harrison

We are very sorry to have to let colleagues know of the death, on 29 May 2011, of Mr Peter Harrison, former Technician in the School of Physics and Astronomy.

Peter Harrison joined the University in 1965 as an electrician in the Electrical Maintenance Section of the then Fabric Office.  During this time, the University Refectory was a regular performance venue for some of the country's leading groups and, in addition to his more conventional duties, Peter enjoyed being part of the team which ensured that these groups were provided with adequate power supplies for their concerts.

In 1979, Peter took up a new post as a technician in the Department of Physics.  As a member of the Condensed Matter Physics Group, Peter's responsibilities related to the Group's work in the field of cryogenics (the study of the behaviour of materials at very low temperatures).  In particular, he assisted in the operation of the helium liquefier and associated equipment, liquid helium being a commonly used liquefied gas in many cryogenic applications.  Peter also undertook the skilled work involved in ensuring that the helium and liquid nitrogen dewars (dewar flasks being special receptacles for holding these products) were regularly replenished.  He was also responsible for the delivery of liquid nitrogen to many other departments on the campus.  In addition, he provided valuable support in the running of a number of undergraduate teaching laboratories.

Peter was a popular and cheerful colleague, who made friends easily.  He retired in December 2005, after forty years' service.  He is survived by his wife, Elizabeth, daughter, Debbie, and sons, Sean and Andrew.

The funeral service will take place at 9.30am on Tuesday 14 June 2011, at St James Church, Woodside, Horsforth, LS18 5QW.  The Church's website states that St James is hidden from the road, halfway along Low Lane between Lickless Drive and St James Terrace in Woodside, Horsforth.

In memory of Peter Harrison, the flag will be flown at half-mast on the Parkinson Building on 14 June.

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