The Responsibility of Scientists

Professor Alastair Hay will talk about the ethics of scientific research at the next Professional Ethics Network event at the University.

Although science is often thought of as a value-free activity, in fact scientists need to make ethical decisions all the time.  The workshop will use real-life cases to cover issues such as proper record keeping, plagiarism, falsification and fabrication of data, transparency, codes of conduct, as well as issues around chemical and biological warfare.

The event will take place:

On:   Thursday 19 May 2011

At:    6-8.30pm

In:    the Interdisciplinary Ethics Applied CETL

Alastair Hay is Professor of Environmental Toxicology at the University of Leeds. He has worked on issues relating to chemical and biological warfare (CBW) for some 30 years. Much of his work has dealt with the need for workable, international treaties which outlaw the use of CBW. Professor Hay has been involved in field expeditions in Iraq and Bosnia to investigate the use of chemical warfare agents. He has written extensively on the subject and helped prepare the World Health Organisation's 2004 manual "Public health response to biological and chemical agents". Professor Hay also chaired a small international working group which prepared educational material for chemists on multiple uses of chemicals, chemical warfare agents and codes of conduct.

Places are free but need to be booked in advance; please email Elizabeth Garcha to reserve a place. The workshop is followed as always by a free dinner.

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