In the footsteps of Hercules

Could you be one of the 11 characters from the legend of Hercules around Leeds city centre? If you are interested in bringing the 12 Labours of Hercules to life and think you could:

  • learn about and re-tell in your own words at least one of Hercules' 12 Labours from an insiders' point of view
  • wear a costume and a mask
  • talk to the general public, including answering their questions

then come along and audition:

On:   Friday 13th May

At:   10am and 12 noon or between 1pm and 5pm

In:    LSR5, 20 Lyddon Terrace

Auditions will involve re-telling one of the Labours (from base text provided) from the viewpoint of a character of your choice and then answering a few questions. Base text available on arrival for you to prepare. Audition time approx. 15 mins.

If you can't make it then, but still want to take part, or want to take part but not as a character, please get in touch with Dr. Eleanor OKell.

Characters available:

Hercules (x2); Athena/Minerva; Iolaus (x2); Iphicles*; a daughter of Hesperus; the Cerneian Hind; Hippolyta, the Amazon Queen; Alcmene (Hercules' mother)*; Hebe (goddess of youth, Hercules' wife)*.

(* indicates that a character will need to know more than one Labour, preferrably all 12 and some more incidents in Hercules' life in order to fulfil their role).

Read more about the performance, including a link to last year's Light Night event (Underworlds Live in Leeds), which used a similar format.  Last year undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as staff took on various roles as characters and all were excellent.

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