Brotherton Library begins its 75th anniversary celebrations

On Tuesday 17 May the University Librarian, Dr Stella Butler, is to launch six months of celebrations marking the 75th anniversary of the Brotherton Library.

The celebrations will begin with a talk and behind-the-scenes tour of the Library and its Special Collections, led by Chris Sheppard, Head of Special Collections. 

Chris will talk about the unique position of University in the early twentieth century, filling the skills need in the north, creating an educated class, as well as a skilled workforce, in a unique way). He'll also examine the role that the almost unimaginably generous gift of Lord Brotherton played in the life not just of the Library but also of the University itself, helping it to take a leap forward to become the powerhouse of development in Yorkshire. 

The tour will explain more about the Library and its fascinating treasures, charting the creation of one of the most impressive buildings on the campus, its early years, and the people and events that moulded its development.

The talk, followed by the tour, will take place:

On:;               Tuesday 17 May 2011

At:;                5.15pm

Starting in: The Brotherton Room, Brotherton Library

The tour is free and everyone is welcome.  Refreshments will be provided.

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