Make some noise! - Emily Cummins to give guest lecture

Emily Cummins, Leeds graduate, inventor, and entrepreneur, will be giving a guest lecture as part of the School of Engineering's "Make Some Noise!" programme.

Emily has been described as:

  • Not your average engineer
  • Inventor
  • Humanitarian
  • Hot Woman - Red Magazine's 20 under 30 list
  • Science and engineering communicator
  • Leeds graduate
  • Social entrepreneur
  • Youth innovation and enterprise advocate
  • One of the JCI ten outstanding young people in the world 2010

...and she is still only 25 years old.

Come and hear Emily's inspiring story so far.   Listen to her explain why she is passionate about encouraging other young people to explore science, engineering and technology from an early age.  She will talk about how young innovators can develop their skills and translate their abilities into research and development, producing sustainable products and services that change other people's lives for the better.

Her innovative sustainable fridge 'powered' by dirty water, for example, keeps food or medicines dry, hygienic and cool. Emily refined this design in African townships before giving away the plans to benefit local people. As a result of this work, Emily was named The Barclays Woman of the Year 2009.

Her talk will take place:

On:   Thursday 12 May 2011

At:    5.30-6.30pm

In:    Rhodes Lecture Theatre, School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Read more about the lecture and about Emily.  To book a place, please contact Natalie Scanlon.

The talk is part of the Faculty of Engineering's Make Some Noise! programme of training, workshops and events to help researchers engage with non-expert audiences. 

Read more about Make Some Noise!

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