Draft Partnership Agreement available for comment

All staff are invited to comment on the draft revised Partnership agreement, produced following two months of extensive consultation amongst staff and students about how best it should be developed.

Whilst the Partnership Agreement was an innovative document when it was introduced there was a feeling that it was now time to move beyond it to something new.  Thanks in no small part to the work of our student representatives a draft new Partnership has been developed by groups of staff and students based around the notion of expectations.

You are invited to let us know what you think about this new Partnership which it is hoped to present to the LUU Student Forum on 6th May and the Senate on 11th May.  The timing for this is very tight because of the need to get any revised document into pre-arrival and induction material. Any comments should be sent to Chris Warrington by Thursday 28 April.

Download a copy of the draft Partnership Agreement (campus only).

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