Prove yourself a Mastermind

The BBC is now recruiting for the next series of Mastermind, and local auditions will be held in Bradford on Thursday 21 April between 9am-5.30pm at the Midlands Hotel in Forster Square.

Successful candidates will be offered the opportunity to sit in the famous black chair and compete for the most prestigious quiz title on television, Mastermind Champion. There is no money for the winner of this classic cerebral challenge - just the kudos and the Caithness glass trophy.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be an expert or an academic to appear on Mastermind.  We want people who are passionate about their subject and have a good level of general knowledge. So whether your subject is Florence + The Machine or Florence Nightingale, Michelangelo or Michael Jackson, maybe you should think about applying.

Mastermind is one of television's most enduring successes. The programme was the brainchild of TV producer Bill Wright, a former RAF gunner, who drew on his wartime experience as a POW in Germany to create the format for the show.  For Mastermind contestants, isolated under the spotlight, name, rank and number was replaced by name, occupation and specialist subject.

Nearly 40 years and hundreds of contenders later the format remains the same. Specialist Subjects are taken first followed by the General Knowledge round, with some of the toughest questions on television. The question master is John Humphrys, presenter of BBC Radio Four's Today programme.

For more information call 0161 244 3371 or email

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