Help reduce the University's carbon emissions and win £500

Reducing the University's emissions by 35% is going to be a big challenge. There must be some ideas out there we haven't thought of and that's where you come in ...

We think there are three core areas where savings can be made:

  • engineering - eg. energy efficiency or renewable energy
  • process - eg. adapting purchasing contracts or a laboratory practice
  • culture - eg. finding ways to motivate people or change behaviour

Maybe your research has identified something that we could use at the University, or perhaps there is a solution to a common problem that we haven't thought of.

We are offering a £500 first prize for ideas which help the University reduce its emissions associated with the use of electricity, gas, steam and fuel used in its buildings.  Ideas need to be practical to implement, and low cost or fast pay-back ideas will be looked on the most favourably.

Prizes will be awarded at the University Green Impact Award ceremony and if we have enough quality entries there will be smaller prizes and awards.

The closing date for entries is Thursday 12 May.

Read more about the competition.

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