Building Sustainable Societies Masterclass

Paul Johnstone, Regional Director for Public Health at NHS Yorkshire and the Humber, is to give the second masterclass in the Building Sustainable Societies series on Tuesday 22 March.

In this series of lectures key figures address the theme of building sustainable societies, offering expert knowledge and insight into major challenges facing front line service providers in the context of reduced public sector finances.

The twenty-first century has seen a growth in political, environmental and economic insecurity in the context of global recession, population ageing and climate change. Responding to these threats involves rethinking how we work together, care for ourselves, our families and friends, and live in secure and supportive communities, locally and globally. We need to meet people's needs for work, security, health and social care in the context of diminishing resources and widening inequalities whilst building sustainable societies for the longer term.

Paul's discussion will focus on "Where next for public health in the era of austerity".

The lecture will take place:

On:      Tuesday 22 March

At:        6-7 pm

In:       Lecture Theatre C, The Rose Bowl, Leeds Metropolitan University

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