Japan earthquake & tsunami: Advice and guidance

Following changes to FCO advice, our students have been advised that they can return to all areas of Japan except the north east of the country.

Previous update: 1700 Tuesday 22 March 2011

The University continues to monitor the situation in Japan, and has made contact with all of our 35 students in the country.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) reports that the UK's Chief Scientific Adviser's most recent advice remains that for those outside the (Fukushima) exclusion zone set up by the Japanese authorities there is currently no real human health issue that people should be concerned about.  Although we have no students placed anywhere near the facility - the nearest placement is in Tokyo - we continue to advise our students in Japan that any one of them wishing to return home may do so without fear of any academic penalty; and that the University would underwrite any reasonable travel expenses incurred. 

The FCO is now advising that those in the Tokyo area (and to the north of Tokyo) should consider leaving the area. The majority of our students in Tokyo have in fact already left the city or are planning to do so within the next day or two. Those students have been briefed on the assistance they can get from the FCO and the emergency service provided by the University's travel insurers.

Meanwhile, we will continue to monitor the situation and, in particular, the FCO travel advice.

Parents and guardians worried about students in Japan should contact the Foreign and Commonwealth Office helpline in the first instance (+44 20 7008 0000; japan.earthquake@fco.gov.uk). The University itself can be contacted on our 24-hour number 0113 343 5494

Japanese students at the University

We are doing what we can to support the 120 Japanese students we have studying at the University. A meeting for all Japanese students and staff has been arranged for tomorrow, Friday 18 March, in the International Student Office, 18 Blenheim Terrace between 4.30 and 6.30 pm. We hope this will provide an opportunity for mutual support and for individuals to raise with us any outstanding pastoral concerns.

Updated 17:00 Thursday 17 March 2011

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