Risk management of student work placements

We have produced a new protocol on Risk Management of Student Placements, based on the University and Colleges Employers Association guidance.

The protocol allows resources and control to be placed in the higher risk areas whilst not expecting our staff to carry out risk assessments of Placement Provider organisations.

Key elements of the new protocol are:

  • Before a student placement begins, a University approved partnership agreement (e.g. the Tripartite Agreement) must be completed, signed by the student, a University representative and a Placement Provider representative, and returned to the University.
  • Students must be effectively briefed before the placement begins.
  • Effective contingency and emergency plans, along with a process for raising and resolving problems or concerns, must be in place before, during and following the placement.
  • Any significant accidents or near misses during the Placement must be reported to the University by the student and  or the Placement Provider and recorded using Sentinel; (the University online accident reporting system).
  • Information on each placement must be kept on record for three years following completion of the placement.
  • Each placement must be reviewed following the placement including feedback from the student and the Placement Provider.

For more information go to the Health and Safety Services website or see your Health and Safety Manager.

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