Leeds for Life website: new functionality

Version 2.4 of the Leeds for Life website has gone live this week adding new functionality to meet the expressed needs of tutors and tutees.

It will make the system easier to use, better integrated with the attendance monitoring system and more effective at supporting high quality personal tutoring.  New features include:

  • Attendance monitoring - LfL now includes the full range of options in the University's attendance monitoring system so that a tutor can record if a tutee attended the meeting, didn't attend but explained his/her absence, requested absence or simply didn't attend.
  • 'Ad-hoc' meetings - Tutors can add a record of meetings with their tutees which are in addition to the required 3+2+2 personal tutorials across a typical three year undergraduate programme.  This record is shared with the tutee who can also add her/his notes.
  • Schools weblinks - schools can add up to three websites to the My Links section of the Living CV for all their students to ensure they are aware of key sites that support the aims of Leeds for life.
  • Bulk email - Tutors can email all their tutees, by year group if preferred, from within the Your Tutees section of the website.
  • Students' own opportunities - in addition to records of the skills development opportunities provided by the school and co-curricular providers, students can add a record of anything they have initiated themselves. This might be a detailed reflection on their dissertation, or their contribution to a community-based club.
  • Shared Living CV - Tutees can choose to share with their tutor those areas of their Living CV which currently only they can see, eg Saved Opportunities and My Links

If you have any queries please email leedsforlife@leeds.ac.uk

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