Bill Lythgoe

It is with considerable sadness that we have to let colleagues know of the death of Dr William Lythgoe.

Dr William Lythgoe, Institute for Transport Studies, passed away on 6 February, and Dr Jack Leek, Senior Research Technician in the Section of Translational Medicine, Leeds Institute for Molecular Medicine, on 9 February.

Bill Lythgoe worked mainly on rail-related research in the area of behavioural modelling. He was a popular member of ITS with many friends in the railway industry where he worked until arriving at ITS in 1998 to take the MSc in Transport Planning, which he was awarded with distinction. He subsequently completed a PhD in spatial analysis of rail demand and then contributed to a wide range of research projects.

Bill also had a lifelong interest in politics and served the Labour Party in Derbyshire in a number of roles, involving those of Constituency Party Secretary and Election Agent. He served as a County Councillor for much of the 1980s.

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