Cross-Disciplinary Review progress report

Plans for a new joint honours website were among the matters discussed by the Cross-Disciplinary Review Steering Group at its meeting on 20 January.

The website, which is due to go live in April, will cover:

  • the benefits of doing a joint honours degree
  • how the parent faculty and personal tutor system will work
  • links to joint honours information in Coursefinder

The Coursefinder information itself will be maintained by parent faculties.

The Steering Group also discussed:

  • how joint honours examination boards will be structured from 2011-12 onwards: it was agreed that in most cases they would be delivered at school level, but with an option to run them at faculty level if appropriate
  • the publication of module marks and pass lists: it was agreed that a common date for publication would be adopted for both single and joint honours students
  • the maintenance of student files for past and future joint honours students: guidelines were proposed for the destruction of old files and there was agreement that the decision on whether or not to digitise files be left to individual faculties
  • deadlines for online enrolment and changing modules: it was agreed that standard deadlines should be adopted across the University
Further work needs to be done to implement the Group's proposals, and we will keep you informed of progress.

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