Inaugural David Butler Memorial Lecture

Stephen Coleman, Professor of Political Communications in the Institute of Communications Studies, is to deliver the inaugural David Butler Memorial Lecture at Oxford University on 7 February.

In a lecture entitled "Politics, Performance and Rhetoric - the 2010 Prime Ministerial Debates", Professor Coleman will talk about how our voting behaviour was affected by the televised debates.  He will present the results of research he has conducted for the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism: the first academic study of the debates to use a large-scale, nationally-representative sample of the UK population.

The lecture series is being launched by the Reuters Institute in recognition of the contribution of Sir David Butler to the study of elections, and his role in bringing politicians, senior journalists and academics together over more than half a century.  Sir David wrote or co-wrote the standard election study of every UK election from 1945 to 2005 and was the person who first introduced the "swingometer" to UK election audiences. 

The lectures are supported by the BBC, and Professor Coleman's lecture will be broadcast on BBC Parliament on Saturday 12 February at 9pm.

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