Leeds research on Amazon droughts hits the headlines

Research co-led by Dr Simon Lewis from the School of Geography and Dr Paulo Brando of Brazil’s Amazon Environmental Research Institute has attracted widespread media attention today (4 February).

The research into the effects of the 2010 Amazon drought showed that it may have been even more devastating to the region's rainforests than the 2005 drought, previously described as a one-in-100 year event and that, if such extreme droughts become more frequent, they could threaten the Amazon rainforests' role as a natural buffer to man-made carbon emissions.  You can read more about the research team's findings on the University's website.

The research has received front page and editorial comment in the Independent, and prominent coverage in the Guardian.  It has also been widely reported online, including by msn, BBC news, CNN, Futurity, the Telegraph and the Daily Mail, and Dr Lewis has spoken about the issues raised by the research on Radio 4's Today programme and on Radio Five Live's Morning Reports.

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