Shifting Perspectives – Sarah After Vermeer

Leeds Institute of Health Sciences is hosting a photographic exhibition, Sarah After Vermeer.

The exhibition forms part of the ongoing work of Shifting Perspectives, a photographers' collective that challenges misconceptions about, and celebrates the diversity of, people with Down's syndrome.

The exhibition is being shown in the Charles Thackrah Building, Clarendon Road, from 4-18 February.

Since 2005, Shifting Perspectives has supported the Down's Syndrome Association (DSA) in challenging society's perspectives of people with Down's syndrome.  Exhibitions have supported the DSA's employment campaign, working to give people with Down's syndrome the chance to enter the workforce at a level they deserve, and have shown how culture, family, and environment shape the individuality of people with Down's syndrome in the same way as they would for anyone else.

See the Shifting Perspectives website for more information.

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