Cross-Disciplinary Review

From August 2011, parent schools and faculties will take over the administrative responsibilities currently overseen by the Centre for Joint Honours.

Five faculties (Arts, ESSL, LUBS, MAPS, PVAC) will take on parenting responsibilities, and the Science Foundation Year will be parented by the Lifelong Learning Centre.

The staffing implications are currently being explored. The understanding is that LUBS and PVAC will parent comparatively low numbers of joint honours students, and will do so within existing administrative structures; ESSL does not consider that it needs additional staffing; and the Lifelong Learning Centre and the faculties of Arts and MAPS estimate that they will require additional staffing resources.

Planning for the handover of administrative processes is well underway, overseen by the Cross-Disciplinary Review Group, with sub-groups working on marketing and admissions, enrolment and registration, and progression and award.

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