Meet the LeedsforLife student ambassadors

There's still time to attend one of the special sessions being held by LeedsforLife student ambassadors to raise the profile of LeedsforLife amongst University staff.

Ambassadors Kristina Tomes, Lara Nulie and Richard Mellor hope that the sessions will help ensure that the LeedsforLife website and the aims and values behind it are seen as an integral part of the student experience.

"Personal tutors have a very important role to play in a student's university experience, and the  website was introduced to make sure that students work with their personal tutor to recognise the skills they're developing during their time at Leeds," explains Kristina. "If it's used effectively by students, the website can help them to combine involvement in extra-curricular activities with academic success, ensuring that graduates leave the University with the skills and attributes they need to be successful in the increasingly competitive employment marketplace."

"Feedback that we have gathered during the first semester suggests that lots of students from across the University find using the LeedsforLife website a chore, rather than as an aid to developing the skills they'll need for the future," says Richard.

Lara continues: "As a first step to overcome this, we would like to invite all members of staff - in particular personal tutors - to an event where we'll present our views as students using LeedsforLife. We feel it's important for tutors to see the website from a student's perspective and to understand why we think it's important that they encourage students to use it throughout their time at University. We very much appreciate people giving their time and look forward to meeting everyone at the sessions!"

The final sessions will be held on:

Wednesday 26 January, 2-3pm
Thursday 27 January, 12-1pm

If you'd like to attend one of the sessions, please contact Rebecca Shaw (, with details of which session you can attend. The venue will be confirmed once the total number of participants is known.

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