Vision for Leeds

The Vice-Chancellor’s Executive Group has responded to Leeds City Council’s consultation about the future of the city, Vision for Leeds.

The response pulls together feedback from key strategy groups, individual staff and students, to identify challenges for Leeds in the coming years, including changing demographics and consequent demands for healthcare and education services as well as transport, economic and social infrastructure.  It also sets out how the University could contribute to the city's development.

The consultation response highlights the need to ensure that research is integrated into all areas of social and economic development of the city.

The response covers four key characteristics of the city:

  • Leeds as a City of Culture
  • Leeds as a City of Learning
  • Leeds as an International City of Business and Innovation
  • Leeds as a City of the Future

although it is stressed that these are not silos to be developed separately.

Read the University's consultation response under each of these headings.

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