New ‘Risk management of events’ protocol

The new ‘Risk management of events’ protocol is now in place. Please ensure that any staff who organise events are aware of it.

Details are available from The protocol focuses on the health and safety aspect of event management and should complement existing decision-making processes in the University.  Key changes are:

  • Estates Helpdesk is no longer coordinating permissions and risk assessments for events. Instead, these must be coordinated by a new role (local to the event) called the Event Organiser who takes on responsibility for all aspects for health and safety.
  • Before the event can go ahead the Event Organiser must go through three steps:
    1) gain any 'in principle' permissions to proceed that are required from identified teams
    2) follow the risk categorisation and assessment process, and
    3) gain final local authorisation from their Dean, Head of School/ Service or line manager (depending on the risk categorisation).

Full details of the new protocol can be found at or ask your Health and Safety Manager for more details. Training (in conjunction with the Conference and Events team) will be available. For more details contact Rudolphe Solentini, our Training Manager on

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