Evaluating Impact

The Faculties of Arts and Performance, Visual Arts and Communications (PVAC) are holding an Evaluating Impact event today (10 January) at the Emmanuel Centre.

Everyone is invited to invited to the Partnerships and Impact Exhibition which supports the event, and is open until 5pm. A series of posters and information will show the range of impactful research activity carried out at the University in the Faculties of Arts and PVAC.

"This event is part of the Faculties of Arts and PVAC's developing impact strategy," says Professor Christopher Megone (Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied). "With the REF and Research Councils giving significant weight to the impact of excellent research this event focuses on tools for representing impact and methods of evaluation. The drop-in event presents a sample of the wide range of impactful research currently being undertaken in the two Faculties." 

Delegates at the event will attend a REF and Impact Workshop which will  explore the 'impact trees' of staff - a way of representing the activity they have undertaken or will undertake producing impacts - as a useful possible tool for developing impact case studies for submission to the REF. 

This will be followed by a Partnerships and Impact Workshop. With speakers principally from partner organisations, this workshop will explore how effective partnerships can lead to impactful activity as far as partners are concerned, and how partner organisations evaluate impact. Consideration will also be given to what the University and other organisations can do to support this type of activity.


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