Rupert Beckett lecture changes

Lectures planned to take place in Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre on Friday 10 December will be moved.

9am- 10am, BMSC111001/LEC 09/01- Now moved to Clarendon Wing LGI LT

10am- 11am, ENGL201101/LEC 2/01- Now moved to Roger Stevens LT 22

2pm- 3pm, LUBS124001/LEC 1/01- Now moved to Roger Stevens LT 21

All activities in Michael Sadler LG10 have been rearranged - go to your school office for further information.

If you have any questions about changes to teaching in Rupert Beckett or LG10, please contact your school for details or timetabling on 0113 343 4009,

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