Talking about Teaching programme: Effective feedback week - Dec 13 to 17

As part of the JISC-funded Leeds Building Capacity project, these lunchtime showcases feature three JISC-funded technology-enhanced learning projects that focus on feedback.

The week concludes with plenary discussion chaired by Dr Simon Baines, Pro Dean for Learning and Teaching in PVAC.

The showcases: 1pm - 2.30pm in LUBS Room 1.33 (first floor)

1) Dec 13: Optimising Audio Feedback Assisted Learning (AFAL)

AFAL is a recently completed project at the University of Aberystwyth in October 2010. Dr I-Chant Chiang from Aberystwyth's Department of Psychology will present a comparison of three different methods of audio feedback, Audio-Only, Asynchronous Audio-Visual and Synchronous Audio-Visual. This project involved levels 2 and 3 psychology students across fifteen assessment types, ranging from reports to essays to posters to wikis to Powerpoint presentations across six modules. The aims and objectives of the project were to determine: 1. Which method will optimise student and staff experience 2. Whether the optimal method varies across student type, accessibility, staff time, student type and student perception

For further information see the project website:

2) Dec 14: Audio Supported Enhanced Learning (ASEL)

The ASEL project examined the use of audio feedback to support, enhance and personalise the learner experience at two UK universities, Bradford and Hertfordshire. Audio feedback was used for formative and summative assessment of a diverse range of learners from Health Studies, Management, Optometry, Computing, Accountancy and Law. Using Action Research methodology for project evaluation, Will Stewart from the University of Bradford will present the outputs and outcomes of the project and also examples of his own experiences in providing students with effective feedback.

For further information see the project blog:

3) Dec 16: Moving Forward Through Feedback (ASSET)

Dr Julian Park from the University of Reading will present the ASSET project where the aim was to evaluate the pedagogic benefits of video/audio media within a Web 2.0 context; in order to provide a new, interactive resource to enhance the feedback experience for staff and students in Law, Real Estate and Planning, Fine Art, the International Foundation Programme and Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy. This project was adopted afterwards by the University of Plymouth.

For further information see the project website:

4) Dec 17: Effective Feedback for Students - Plenary Discussion Forum

Following the three JISC-funded technology-based project showcases AFAL, ASEL and ASSET (13, 14 and 16 Dec) a panel discussion, chaired by Dr Simon Baines, Pro-Dean for Learning and Teaching in PVAC, will synthesise the learning drawn from: i) the three JISC- funded projects presented ii) other effective technology-enhanced feedback undertaken within and out with Leeds. Through an open discussion with the audience, the intention is to consider possible ways of 'adopting and adapting' these projects' outputs and outcomes; supported by funding available from the JISC Leeds Building Capacity project.

How to register for one or more sessions
Please contact Jennifer Benson with your name, job title, school / department and contact details, by close on Monday 6 December 2010. Or click on the link:
Talking About JISC Effective Feedback Showcases

All places will be confirmed by email. Lunch will be provided. These showcases are free of charge to University of Leeds staff (a £20.00 charge will apply to cancellations made less than five days in advance; except for illness and family emergencies).

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