Teaching Doctors to See

How doctors can and do use art to understand and deal with emotions in their medical practice are themes that will be explored by Dr Roger Higson during his presentation Teaching Doctors to See.

Dr Higson, co-author of The Arts in Medical Education, will be talking and walking in and around the Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery during his presentation on Tuesday 23 November at 6pm. 

Bringing in examples of art in general and specific artworks in the Gallery's collections, Dr Higson will also address how doctors can deal with the emotional side of their life and profession.

Finally, the talk will provide a refreshing and informative angle for the Gallery's artworks. By focusing on facial expressions and other features in the paintings from a medical point of view, Dr Higson's short tour will put the Gallery's collections in an entirely new light.

Refreshments will be served at 6pm, the talk and gallery tour starts at 6:30pm. The talk costs £6 (including refreshments).  For more details please call 0113 343 2584 or email concerts@leeds.ac.uk quoting FUAM.

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