Project to improve student support

Thanks to the many dedicated staff who work with them, Leeds students receive high-quality support during their time at the University.

Now, to help make that support even better, the business processes used
by staff are being analysed to identify where they can be improved and made consistent across the University. As a first step in the overall review of student services, the project aims to deliver:

  • processes that, wherever appropriate, are consistent across all student
    categories (UG, PGT, PGR, international, part-time, etc), so staff have more time to focus on the needs of particular groups and individuals.
  • activities that take place just once and at the appropriate level (with staff
    trusted to fulfil their responsibilities, so there's no need for their work to be
  • processes that are the shared responsibility of cross-University teams
    (which include staff from the centre, faculties, schools and services).

During the first phase of the project, which will last until the end of the year, four Process Analysis Teams of staff from across the University (including representation from every faculty) are looking at the following student processes: admissions/conversion; online registration/enrolment/induction; quality assurance/specialist support; assessment/award/appeals. The teams began work in early summer and hope to begin formal consultation with all
staff in late October - a newsletter will be circulated to set out the arrangements.

Vivien Jones, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Student Education, sees this project as
one of the most ambitious ever undertaken by the University. "We are aiming to achieve consistency and standardisation by drawing on the expertise of our staff to come up with proposals through consensus. It's a huge undertaking and currently involves over 90 members of staff, but the teams have made a fantastic start. One of the most positive early outcomes
has been the successful 'cross-silo' working undertaken by the teams which has led to them forming new and effective working relationships. A key principle in developing the holistic, high-quality experience which we promise to all our students involves partnership working between the centre and schools, between administrative and support services and between our academic and professional support staff. "

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