Welcome to the new staff website

This is our new and dedicated website for staff which replaces Campusweb – take a look and let us know what you think.

The top half of the website is intended to be dynamic and will be updated daily with all the latest news from across the University and within the higher education sector - just click on the headline to read the full story.

At the top of the page, the categories under the 'News' drop-down menu allow you to view the news stories relating to research, learning and teaching and people - if you click on 'News' it will take you to the news homepage which groups the stories by general 'University news', 'Announcements', 'Community news' and Leeds in the news, plus TV and radio coverage.

'University news' brings together learning and teaching, research and innovation stories. 'Announcements' will highlight University statements, responses and national higher education headlines. Staff benefits, informal events and competitions will be in the 'Community' section.  The 'Around campus' section provides notices of building works and network upgrades, etc that you may need to be aware of.

The special 'In depth' features bring you information about the major issues of the day - including the changes in higher education funding and student fees and the consultation on USS pensions.

At the bottom of the page there is a range of quick links that feature throughout the site to help you find what you need - from salary scales, term dates and booking a course, to information about the University committees and all the various policies and regulations.


Why has Campusweb changed?
Campusweb was nine years old and it needed to be refreshed. The new site is more user-friendly, more dynamic, more informative and more attractive - it is also more in keeping with other University websites. We want staff to use it regularly as a ready source of information about the University.

How was it developed?
The project to refresh Campusweb started this summer. The design and build of the site has been done in-house by staff in ISS web team and Communications, with input from colleagues who have been involved with content for Campusweb and who look after other websites for staff.

Will there be any further developments?
The site will evolve over time and we're keen to hear your comments on it to inform its future. There will also be follow-up work to ensure some of the systems linked from the site are in the same design.

Longer term, a wider project is planned to develop a more comprehensive resource, providing easier access to online tasks and functions.

I can't find something I need on the new staff website, what can I do?
We have tried to ensure that we have maintained all the information that is important to staff - however, if there is something that you can't find please email webcomms@leeds.ac.uk so we can help you.

How do I send in a story for the new site?
Please email details of your story, including contacts for more information, to webcomms@leeds.ac.uk

Who to contact
For general enquiries please contact the staff website project team:

Hannah Love - ext 34100 or email h.e.b.love@adm.leeds.ac.uk
Alison Hanakin - ext 37911 or email a.hanakin@adm.leeds.ac.uk
Helen Fisher - ext 33996 or email h.p.fisher@adm.leeds.ac.uk

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