Universal Programme and Module Catalogue (UPMC) Project update

The UPMC Project will deliver a single source of programme and module information.

The new system will support the programme and module approval processes, feed information directly into Banner and support the web pages for students without the need to re-enter information. The project is being managed by a Project Board chaired by the PVC Student Education and detailed oversight is being undertaken by a project team which includes representatives from all the faculties and the key services.

A detailed specification of the requirements for the new system was developed after a period of consultation with academic and professional support staff. The process for the approval and amendment of programmes and modules was also reviewed and mapped. Following lengthy testing against the agreed requirements and the new processes a product has been purchased (the Agresso Curriculum Management System (ACMS)). ACMS meets all the major requirements and we are working with the supplier to enhance it further to meet some of our 'nice to have' ideas. The baseline product has been installed and is currently being configured for Leeds and training provided for those who will manage the system.

This newssheet is the first of a series to keep everyone informed of developments and provide notification of key dates and activities.

The following are the key dates in the delivery of the system:

  • Configuration testing will take place during December 2010
  • Testing of the system and its links with Banner, OLR/OLE and campus web will be tested during January and February 2011
  • The programme approval cycle will be completed as normal by 31 March 2011
  • Migration to the new system will take place during April 2011
  • OLE will begin as usual in May 2011

How can you help?

It will be important that relevant staff from all the faculties, schools and services take part in the testing and training at the start of next year.

As many programmes and modules as possible need to be completed by the end of the approval cycle on 31 March 2011. Any modules and programmes which are approved or amended after the end of the cycle may result in additional work for a school and approval after the bulk migration may require the school to re-enter material onto the new system.

If you have queries or comments about any aspect of the UPMC project, please email the project manager, Ian Elston (or call extension: 36709)

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