Tree survey

In 2008/09 the Estates, Maintenance and Operations Section commissioned an external specialist contractor (Aire Valley Tree Services Ltd) to carry a detailed arboricultural survey.

This was done to assess the condition (visual inspection) of our tree stock and to provide a detailed report with specific recommendations for any work that needed to be carried out. Several trees surveyed had various structural and physiological defects including decay, disease and cavities, and as consequence certain trees will require removal and replacement. This is totally predictable with an estate with such a varied, mature and extensive population of natural wooded areas. Such defects can compromise a tree's stability, causing a possible risk to students, staff and visitors to the University, and of course possible structural damage to surrounding buildings.

We have a legal duty to ensure that our tree stock is carefully managed and periodically monitored, to prevent damage to people and property. (Occupiers Liability Act 1954/1980). Estates can confirm that Aire Valley Tree Services Ltd is an environmentally friendly company and takes great pride in ensuring there is minimal disturbance to surrounding habitats when tree work is undertaken. An ecological assessment has also been completed for the trees highlighted for major arboricultural works, to ensure no European protective species will be affected and to advise the University that the tree works should be undertaken outside the recognised bird nesting season for the UK.

It should be noted that where a tree may have to be removed a suitable substantial replacement will be provided, in accordance with LCC planning requirements and associated consents.

A programme of works is currently being developed between Estates and Aire Valley Tree Services Ltd to encompass all aspects of the arboricultural survey recommendations.

General enquiries from interested parties should be directed through to Steve Ainsworth, Maintenance Manager. Ext. 35956.

Steve Winter, Head of Maintenance & Operations

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