Taught PG admissions and course enquiries reorganised

To help the University in providing a unified service for prospective students and taught postgraduate applicants, the Taught Postgraduate Admissions and Course Enquiries teams are to be re-organised.

The re-organisation has followed the standard University procedure for a service restructure, with staff members due to take up new positions on 1 July 2009, and the new service going live on Monday 6 July 2009. 

The new enlarged team will continue to be called TPG Admissions and will consist of two sub-teams: Admissions Enquiries team and Direct Admissions.

The Admissions Enquiries team will provide the following services:

1.Providing a high level service to prospective students and PGT applicants. The team will have a wide variety of knowledge relating to all levels of study (UG and PG) for both UK and international students.

2.Providing a 'helpdesk' service for TPG admissions teams/academic schools, agents and applicants, dealing with incoming queries via phone and email, escalating queries to the TPG Admissions Team if further investigation is required.

3.Acting as the main liaison point between our international offices and agents and the rest of the University, providing an efficient and responsive service to all stakeholders.

The Direct Admissions team will focus on ensuring all applications and School recommendations are processed in a timely manner, and to set standards. The team will provide high level "second line" support, handling escalated enquiries from the Admissions Enquiries team. The team will focus on the following:

1.Creating and maintaining new applicant records.
2.Updating applicant records, including the verification of academic institutions and supporting documents.
3.Handling second line enquiries.

The new team will be located in 17 Blenheim Terrace with Undergraduate admissions. Regretfully, the current location of the Course Enquiries office, in Parkinson Court will be closed, and the walk-in service for enquirers will cease. However, to ensure that walk-in customers are not adversely affected by the change in service, we have negotiated with other services to provide the key elements of our current walk-in service namely, prospectus information which can be accessed in at the Main reception in the Parkinson Building and through the Counter Service in the Student Services building. For more information about the re-organisation please see the Q & A section below.

If you need any more information or have any comments to make about this please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

Simon Maller,
Head of Course Enquiries and Admissions

Questions and Answers

1.Why are you re-organising Course Enquiries and Taught Postgraduate Admissions?

To assist the University with improving it's taught postgraduate offer turn around times it is proposed that the Course Enquiries team be merged with the TPG admissions team to provide additional support for TPG application process. The new enlarged team will continue to be called TPG Admissions and will consist of two sub-teams; Admissions Enquiries and Direct Admissions.

2.What are the benefits to the re-organisation?

The re-organisation of the central TPG Admissions and Course Enquiries teams will help to reduce risks to the University's postgraduate student recruitment by implementing a structure which will deliver an improved applicant and school experience. The new structure will also continue to build on the excellent work undertaken by the Course Enquiries team, through continuing to provide a high quality enquirer experience.

3.When will the re-organisation take place?

Team members will take up their new roles on the 1st July, and the new structure will go live on 6 July 2009.

4.Where will the new team be based?

The new team will be based at 17 Blenheim Terrace, next to the International Office.

5.How are you going to measure the success of the reorganisation?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will be set and published at a later date. The new team will be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis by it's management team.

6.Will the contact details for TPG Admissions enquiries change?

No, the general telephone number and email addresses will remain the same; however, all queries will be managed by the Admissions Enquiries Team:

TPG Admissions Contact Details
Email for internal (staff) enquiries: tp_enquiry@leeds.ac.uk
Email for external (applicant) enquiries: tp_applications@adm.leeds.ac.uk
Telephone: 0113 34-34044

7.Will the contact details change for general course enquiries?

No, these contact details will remain the same and the Admissions Enquiries Team will respond to these enquiries.

Admissions Enquiries Contact Details
Email: study@leeds.ac.uk
Telephone: 0113 34-32336
Prospectus order line: 0113 34-32336

8.Who will be the main contact for international agents?

The Admissions Enquiries Team will be the main contact for International Agent enquiries. The email address remains the same: intreps@leeds.ac.uk

9.Which services will no longer be provided by Course Enquiries and what will happen to these services?

Course Enquiries Drop-in Service

Admissions Enquiries (Course Enquiries) will no longer provide a drop-in service for prospective students. Prospectuses will be made available from the main University Reception in the Parkinson Building and in the Student Services Building

If a prospective student wishes to speak to someone about general entry to the University they should be advised to contact Admissions Enquiries by telephone or email. If an enquirer has specific questions relating to course admissions they will be advised to contact the school directly, either by phone or email or to arrange an appointment if necessary.

Sending out of Undergraduate Course Brochures (CUFE)

This service has been fully automated, with the full range of undergraduate brochures available online via our main corporate website.

In line with the 'go-live' of the new corporate website Taught Postgraduate course brochures will be available to download online without having to order a prospectus.

10.If members of staff need to visit taught postgraduate admissions is this possible?

Yes this is possible. However, we do not have a reception area, and share 17 Blenheim Terrace with NHS Trust services. We would therefore ask that you contact us first before visiting so that we are aware of your arrival.

11.Can applicants come to see taught postgraduate admissions?

We will provide this service on a best endeavour basis. Applicants who wish to see us will need to telephone in advance. If you need to send an applicant to us, we would appreciate it that you call the office in advance to let us know. Please note that many enquiries (applicant status checks, handing in of original documents) we receive could have been handled in the School with out the need for them to be referred to Taught postgraduate admissions.

During the Registration period and in the two weeks immediately thereafter, we intend to have a presence in the Student Centre, providing the full range of taught postgraduate admissions services. If necessary we may extend this presence as service needs dictate.

12.What will happen to the Course Enquiries office in Parkinson Court?

The Course Enquiries Office will be closed and the office space will be handed back to Estates Services.

13.Where do we send enquirers who want general information?

If a prospective student wishes to speak to someone about general entry to the University they should be advised to contact Admissions Enquiries by telephone or email as below:

Email: study@leeds.ac.uk
Phone: 0113 343 2336

14.Who do I contact if I have any further questions about the new team structure?

For Direct Admissions team contact:
Eric Holland
T: 0113 343 3734
E: e.holland@adm.leeds.ac.uk

For Admissions Enquiries Team contact:
Kim Squires
T: 0113 343 7329
E: k.d.squires@adm.leeds.ac.uk

For overall TPG Admissions contact:
Simon Maller
T: 0113 343 3938
E: s.p.maller@adm.leeds.ac.uk

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