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The review of University IT Delivery is nearing its final stages and will deliver proposals for improved service efficiency and effectiveness – based on the work already agreed by Senate.

The review was prompted by the results of staff feedback which asked for improvements in the way IT is managed across the University and for better links between the service provided by faculties and centrally. Senate has approved the underlying principles for the way in which IT is delivered and the change in approach. Changes are already being made; faculty IT managers are now part of a University-wide group which makes decisions about the systems and services available.

Our core systems, including student records, will be looked at over the next three months with the aim of standardising their use across campus. Running these more effectively will make life much easier for users and leave our IT experts more time to develop the specialist services and systems needed for research and learning and teaching.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Steve Scott who chairs the project on University IT Delivery (UITD) said: "Feedback from staff made it clear we needed to look at how we manage and deliver IT across campus. We want to simplify the service for users and improve it. The changes we are making will give a unified view of what is happening across campus and also the opportunity for faculties to be part of the decision making.

"It's crucial we get what we need from IT - that there is a consistently good service for users; that we run our basic systems well but also have the capacity and flexibility to give staff the specialist help they may need."
Director of Information Systems Services (ISS) Colin Coghill explained what the changes mean for staff: "Specialist research requirements will be supported and that's crucial for the University's academic mission. We need to help faculties find time for this by reducing the duplication of effort on the systems people use across campus.

"If the systems and ways of working are more consistent, we are also better positioned to give staff flexibility where they want it most - such as desktop or laptop computer choice, software and support.

"We will be looking at all our major systems and services systems over the next three months, identifying what can be standardised and proposing the IT services which will support the University for the foreseeable future. Part of the proposals will include the development of improved methods for input into strategy and plans and for staff consultation."

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