Innovation award for Professor Richard A Williams

Professor Richard A Williams has received the “2009 Research and Development for Society” award from the Society of Chemical Industry at an awards dinner on 2 December 2009.

The award recognises his contribution in the translation of research into commercial entities that have benefitted society. 

In recent years Professor Williams' activities at the University have included creation of innovative companies specifically addressing improvements aimed at environmental and business improvements in the chemical, nuclear and energy efficiency sectors. "Universities are set to be a key factor and future driver of more sustainable lifestyles, since radical innovations are needed to effect change across many aspects of society".

The work undertaken by Professor Williams and colleagues at Leeds includes development of 'nanofluids' - which are liquids that transfer heat more efficiently than conventional materials. These have potential applications in enabling new technologies for more energy efficient ways of transferring heat in home, transport, large scale computer installations and solar energy systems.

Other work that has received recent acclaim is on deployment of advanced software used in decommissioning old nuclear buildings, military installations and medical equipment. By optimising the manner in which such materials are dismantled and cut up for storage, substantial savings in costs to the public purse can be obtained along with improvements in safety and inventory control.

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Professor Richard Williams OBE is Professor of Mineral and Process Engineering and Pro-Vice-Chancellor at The University of Leeds

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