University Square development to go ahead

The Charles Morris Hall redevelopment and the Earth and Environment extension both involve developments on green space.

In return for giving us planning permission for these developments Leeds City Council required us to increase our green space elsewhere.

The University Square development was accepted as a suitable replacement scheme and we made a legally binding agreement with the Council to undertake this work. As both the Charles Morris Hall and the Earth and Environment developments will be completed in the next seven months, and in order to comply with our obligations, we will start the landscaping works in early January 2010.

We will stagger the work in order to accommodate degree ceremonies, exams etc and maintain critical access, with completion of the final phase in December 2010.

Members of the University have already been given the opportunity to view the proposals (in the Parkinson, students union and on the web), and have given very helpful comments. Generally, comments were supportive; however there were some concerns about the loss of trees. The existing cherry trees were planted in the 1950s and some have already had to be replaced because they were at the end of their life. The proposal removes the 12 remaining cherry trees and replaces them with 36 new ones.

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