Leeds spin-out RDR signs exclusive agreement with Schlumberger

Rock Deformation Research (RDR) have signed an exclusive agreement with Schlumberger to provide the new RDR Structural Analysis Module within the Petrel™ seismic to simulation workflow.

"This is the first preferred Ocean partner plug-in to be released as a module within Petrel™. The RDR plug-in, combined with the wealth of prospect assessment and uncertainty analysis capabilities in Petrel™, provides unmatched power to reduce risks associated with exploration," Olivier Peyret, Vice President, Software Products, Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS).

Fault seal analysis and trapping mechanisms are two of the main risks in exploration; others are source, migration, trap, seal and reservoir. The new RDR module enables analysis and reduction of risk related to seal and trap in producing fields, exploration plays and prospects.

"This major release brings high-quality easy-to-use structural analysis tools to the world's leading reservoir modelling package, Petrel, delivering intuitive tools into the global market." Steve Freeman, Technical Director, RDR Ltd. "The RDR Structural Analysis Module within Petrel gives geoscientists and engineers new ability to analyse structural integrity, traps and fault seal to build structurally sound models faster."

The RDR Structural Analysis Module is seamlessly integrated into Petrel. In conjunction with modelling, the new module enables acurate structural representations to be used consistently throughout the interpretation to simulation process. As well as enhancing structural analysis, fault seal and trap assessment the new module includes fault juxtaposition, fault plane maps, geometric analysis and property mapping capabilities (such as permeability prediction, clay mixing and smearing algorithms) and numerous additional flow and seal related properties, delivering industry-leading workflows and algorithms to Petrel users.

Going beyond exploration, the module delivers critical tools for development and production environments. This further extends the Petrel workflow and provides a more detailed platform for assessing reservoir compartmentalisation and prediction of reservoir performance.

This module will be available for Petrel 2010 and will be exclusively sold and supported by Schlumberger Information Solutions.

RDR is led by Professor Rob Knipe, and its activities are based on knowledge transfer and application of research developed over a 20 year period. We have a Leeds based staff of 22, a turn over of more than £2 m/a, as well as a US office based in Dallas.

See www.rdr.leeds.ac.uk

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