Student Services project

On 10 March, Senate discussed a paper on student services and how to develop an integrated ‘one university’ student support service.

Strong general support was given to the broad principles of the paper and for further work to be undertaken. The next phase will involve all staff involved in student support from across the institution as well as students to discuss future options and development of processes.

We are hoping to draw together a number of existing and new process developments in the student area in order to bring a co-ordinated approach to the delivery of effective processes. This will include the current admissions project which will in future be considered alongside all the other processes which form part of the 'student journey'. The aim is to develop best-practice processes that will underpin high quality support for all our students across the University and will follow 'one university' principles.

A series of open meetings will be arranged on the future direction of student services. The project group would also be very happy to come and talk, and particularly to listen, to groups of staff in schools and services about how we can work together in partnership to provide even more effective student services in the future.

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