The University’s Encryption Standard is coming...

The University has just bought the Safeguard Enterprise Suit from Sophos.

This will become the University's encryption standard and will be available for distribution throughout campus soon (recharged at licence cost).

If you are using other encryption products you will be required to migrate to Safeguard Enterprise Suit in due course.
Products available include:

  • Device Encryption (whole disk encryption) - cost about £80
  • Data Exchange Encryption (encryption of external drives, pen drives, CD etc) - cost about £30
  • Device Encryption and Data Exchange Encryption (as above) - cost about £90
  • Lancrypt (encryption of files in shared areas to restrict access to specific research groups) - cost about £90

The implementation of an encryption standard will allow the University to provide technical support for users while ensuring that full key-lifetime-management controls are in place. This will provide key recovery, key revocation and key escrow mechanisms which means that data will remain available as well as being secure.

More information will be published soon, but if you have any questions please contact the University's IT Security Co-ordinator, Kevin Darley, on 0113 343 1118.

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