UPMC Project Update

In recent months the UPMC project has been undertaking a tender process to establish whether a commercial product might provide the University with a suitable system.

Following consultation with users across the University, and rigorous technical appraisal by ISS colleagues, this tender process has identified a product by Unit4 Business Software (formerly Agresso) which can provide a suitable solution and I'm pleased to be able to announce that we have now agreed and signed a contract to deliver this product (ACMS - Agresso Curriculum Management System) to the University.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those of you who have been involved with the project during this year for your invaluable input in helping us agree the suitability of Unit4 and reach this procurement decision. UPMC is an ambitious project and it is anticipated that Unit4 will provide Leeds with a leading edge, fully integrated system and that working in partnership with Unit4 will not only meet our current needs but also support and facilitate any future changes in the University's requirements.

The Project Team is now in the process of planning the detailed delivery of the project in conjunction with Unit4 and we hope to be in a position to confirm a revised schedule for implementation soon. At present the project is working to a delivery date of the end of March 2011 in time to meet the deadline for approval of curriculum changes for 2011/12.

Over the coming months we shall be discussing and consulting with colleagues on the details and management of the change process in order to achieve this changeover date. It is important, for example, that all schools are aware that the deadlines set for curriculum approval cannot be allowed to slip for the next academic cycle since doing so will significantly jeopardise delivering the UPMC project on time.

If you have any queries about this information or the UPMC project in general please contact the Project Manager, Ian Elston by email or at tel: 0113 343 6709.

Professor Vivien Jones
Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Learning and Teaching

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