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Block to higher fees if universities miss state school access targets 10 February 2011
Guardian online: government to demand better mix of students

Under-fire Leeds Universities now face teaching cuts 21 December 2010
Yorkshire Evening Post: Universities in Leeds face having almost £9 million slashed from their teaching budgets.

University funding to be cut before increase in tuition fees 20 December
Higher education budget could lose £400m as universities minister David Willetts calls for 'serious efficiency savings'

'Christmas kick in the teeth' for universities as places are slashed and budgets cut by £400 million 20 December
Daily Telegraph: There will be a freeze in university places next year and 10,000 fewer places the following year as the higher rate of tuition fees comes into force, the government has announced, meaning that hundreds of thousands will fail to get onto degree courses.

Universities' teaching grant cut by 6% 20 December
Universities in England face a 6% cut to this year's teaching budget, before their incomes increase from raised tuition fees in 2012.

Sorry, students, but you're low in the pecking order 8 November
The Guardian: A student demo is marching through London on Wednesday protesting at university cuts and the steep rise in student fees. But government opponents should be asking themselves this: exactly how angry should we be about graduates paying more?

Students face tuition fees rising to £9,000 3 November 2010
BBC News Online: Universities in England will be able to charge tuition fees of up to £9,000 per year, as the government transfers much of the cost of courses from the state to students.

Tuition fees rise 'won't put off poor students' 3 November 2010
The Guardian: Michael Gove says universities could charge £6,000 to £9,000 a year, adding that schools are the 'real barrier' to higher education.

Universities to get power to raise fees to £9,000 1 November 2010
Daily Telegraph: Leading universities will be able to charge students up to £9,000 providing they show they are offering a 'public benefit' by recruiting teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Cable faces tuition fees interrogation 26 October 2010
Yahoo News: Vince Cable to explain his position on higher education to a Commons committee today.

Private glee 26 October 2010
The Guardian: Browne's recommendations, together with the spending review, will see a boom in for-profit universities.

Record rush to beat fees rise at universities 26 October 2010
Daily Telegaph: Figures show record number of students have already applied for courses starting next year.

Tuition fee increases will be capped, says Nick Clegg 25 October 2010
BBC News Online: Ministers appear to have ruled out allowing universities to set unlimited tuition fees in England.

David Willetts' speech 22 October 2010
BIS: HEFCE Annual Conference - Royal College of Physicians, London

Scramble for 2011 to beat tuition fee rise 22 October 2010
Daily Telegraph: Universities warned today of unprecedented competition for degree courses as students scramble for places ...

Spending Review: Clegg attacks IFS 'unfair' cuts claim 22 October 2010
BBC News Online: Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has launched a direct attack on a leading think tank after it branded the ...

Willetts: unlimited university fees are 'unsustainable' 22 October 2010
The Independent: The Universities Secretary David Willetts addressed a conference yesterday, saying that removing the tuition ...

Browne's plans will drive who fields of knowledge into decline 22 October 2010
The Guardian: A letter countering the Browne review's proposals is signed by a number of academics including 3 from the ...

Student interests are paramount in new funding arrangements 22 October 2010
HEFCE: Sir Alan Langlands addresses vice-chancellors at HEFCE's annual conference.

CSR 2010: A curate's egg 21 October 2010
Times Higher: The coalition's qualified support for science recognises that universities are the 'jewels' in the UK's economic ...

Focus on cuts undermines value of Browne's report, critics contend 21 October 2010
Times Higher: Observers say inquiry 'wielded knife for Chancellor' and lacked broad input.

Market, what market? V-cs set for race to the top on fees 21 October 2010
Times Higher: Institutions will charge more than £8,000 to counter cuts, heads warn.

In research funding sweepstakes, Yorkshire beats London, Willetts says 21 October 2010
Times Higher: It is often assumed that, as with most of the country's wealth, a disproportionate amount of research funding in ...

What will cuts mean for education? 21 October 2010
BBC News Online: The BBC looks at yesterday's CSR through an education perspective - 1994 Group quoted.

Investment in education is key to reducing the deficit 21 October 2010
News Statesman: Sally Hunt, of the UCU, and economist Michael Burke put the economic case for spending in higher education.

Fears made flesh: only STEM teaching grants spared CSR scythe 21 October 2010
Times Higher: THE says public funding for teaching in the arts, humanities and social sciences may come to an end.

The price of knowledge 21 October 2010
The Indepdendent: Lucy Hodges gauges the reactions from vice-chancellors and students to the Browne review.

Osborne heads into the unknown 21 October 2010
FT: The FT's front page splash says Osborne has taken Britain's biggest economic gamble in a generation.

Universities alarmed by 40% cut to teaching budgets 21 October 2010
The Guardian: Osborne praises the role of universities but hits them with budget reduction, to £4.2bn from £7.1bn.

Russell Group response to the Spending Review 21 October 2010
Russell Group: Russell Group Director General Dr Wendy Piatt said: "The Chancellor is right to say that our universities are ...

'Vital' science spared deep cuts 21 October 2010
BBC News Online: The Chancellor George Osborne has announced that the UK's science budget will be frozen in cash terms - a cut ...

Universities UK responds to Government Spending Review announcement 20 October 2010
Universities UK: Professor Steve Smith, President of Universities UK, said: "Today's cuts to the higher education budget cannot ...

Spending Review 2010: Key points at-a-glance 20 October 2010
BBC News Online: Chancellor George Osborne has announced the government's four-year Spending Review to Parliament, revealing ...

Osborne prepares to unveil cuts 20 October 2010
BBC News Online: Chancellor George Osborne is preparing to reveal the biggest programme of cuts in the UK for decades, in his ...

Don't be spun on science funding: a checklist for the Spending Review 20 October 2010
The Guardian: Evan Harris, a veteran of spending announcements, warns the science community to be cautious before claiming ...

Do we want a tiered higher education system? 20 October 2010
The Guardian: Lord Browne's review of higher education funding envisages a system not unlike the American one - but we should ...

Spending review: Universities braced for deep cuts 20 October 2010
BBC News Online: Universities in England braced for £3bn cut in teaching, £1bn in research.

Spending review spares science budget from deep cuts 20 October 2010
The Guardian: £4.6bn yearly spend on scientific research will be frozen for review period, equating to real-terms reduction of ...

Editorial: Back the boffins 19 October 2010
The Guardian: The Guardian warns against science cuts.

Comment: Against usefulness 19 October 2010
The Guardian: Priyamvada Gopal argues that funding cuts will turn university into a utilitarian utopia: the arts will again be ...

Fears cuts will force swaths of universities to close down 19 October 2010
The Guardian: The Guardian reports on Steve Smith's comments above.

A medical emergency 19 October 2010
The Guardian: For the first time, students of medicine may not be able to finish their training as doctors. What can be done?

Osteoarthritis: the curse of the sporting classes 19 October 2010
Daily Telegraph: Osteoarthritis is often thought of as an ageing disease, but it also afflicts the young and the fit, says Jane ...

Letters: Animal research and the squeeze on science funding 19 October 2010
The Guardian: Academics including Deborah Holliday from the University of Leeds write to the Guardian on budget cuts and animal ...

Spending cuts: Leeds braces for era of austerity 19 October 2010
The Guardian: Guardian 'crowdmap' will show how cuts will affect city that has worked hard to recover from the last recession.

Alan Johnson warns against scale of spending cuts plans 18 October 2010
BBC News Online: Shadow chancellor Alan Johnson has accused the coalition of basing their timetable for spending cuts on the ...

Is the Treasury thinking about Britain's brain drain? 18 October 2010
Channel 4 News: Jon Snow's blog post discusses how the cuts may lead to a mass exodus of UK scientists.

Cut now or pay later, say business leaders 18 October 2010
Daily Telegraph: Senior business leaders are backing the Coalition's cuts in public spending, saying anything less would bring ...

Why some economists fear Osborne's upper cuts will leave Britain out for the count 18 October 2010
The Guardian: The Treasury may have wildly overestimated the country's ability to stay on its feet as the chancellor rains down ...

Nick Clegg: pupil premium will help future generations escape shadow of the deficit 15 October 2010
The Guardian: Policy to help disadvantaged children should give Lib Dem leader some political respite after tuition fees ...

Spending Review: Universities 'to face £4.2bn cut' 15 October 2010
BBC News Online: Universities in England face funding cuts of £4.2bn in the coming Spending Review, an e-mail leaked to the BBC ...

Universities to be paid to take poor students 15 October 2010
Daily Telegraph: Universities could be paid to take more students from poor backgrounds under a £7 billion Coalition plan to ...

Funding cut, fees up and higher education for sale 15 October 2010
The Independent: Readers' letters to The Independent on the Browne Review.

Lord of the market: let competition and choice drive quality 14 October 2010
Times Higher Education: Browne's review of fees and finance calls for end to blanket subsidy and fees cap.

Low-cost subjects 'should survive the loss of grants' 14 October 2010
Times Higher Education: Lord Browne dismisses fears by insisting flexibility will maintain provision.

Heart of the matter: the review in summary 14 October 2010
Times Higher Education: Lord Browne's review calls for "genuine competition for students between institutions of a kind which ...

In the shake-up to come, no guarantees for anyone 14 October 2010
Times Higher Education: Lord Browne's review of student fees and finance.