For Staff

Campus and remote access only documents

Attachments to email (and to staff website articles) which are marked "campus or remote access only" can be read from anywhere provided you log into the university network through Citrix to pick up the email or open the website.

The easiest way to connect from home is either:


  • to go to the For Staff website and click on "Desktop Anywhere" in the Staff systems links (just under the main picture).

Once you've logged in, use the links which then appear to access your email or to open Internet Explorer.  You will then be "on campus" as far as the computer is concerned: you don't have to be physically present on campus yourself.

The first time you visit the RMAS web page you may be prompted to install a Citrix plug-in installation or upgrade.  If you need instructions on what to do if this happens, these can be found on the IT website.