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“iTunes U is an internationally recognised resource for high quality educational resources, and so it is with pride that the University of Leeds showcases some of its best educational materials on this platform to help learners around the world to enhance their knowledge and understanding of important global issues.” – Dr Neil Morris, Director of Digital Learning at the University of Leeds.

“I’m very supportive of this venture. I think educational resources should be widely spread and in different modes to encourage people to engage with learning whenever and wherever they choose.” -  Alison Johnson, Lecturer in English language and author of ‘Why should we study grammar? (Currently our most popular podcast on iTunes U).

“iTunes U is a vast learning repository that offers free educational content that is easily accessible for both desktop and mobile users. By establishing a presence on this platform the University of Leeds is showcasing some of the innovative teaching and research resources that are currently on-going. Personally, I am interested in creating learning resources that enable students both, here, at the University of Leeds and other global institutions to learn anatomy through simple screencasts; the University of Leeds on iTunes U allows these resources to reach this global audience.” - Dr James Pickering, Lecturer in Anatomy at the University of Leeds.