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Cost of living payment


If your question isn’t answered below, please email and our team will be happy to offer additional support.  

What is the eligibility criteria for the one-off payment?  

  1. You must be an employee of the University on Thursday 1 December 2022 and still employed on Saturday 31 December 2022.   
  2. Payment is per person not per role. 
  3. Your contract of employment must be with the University of Leeds directly. 
  4. Your substantive role must be in Grade 2 to 6 (inclusive of the discretionary points in Grade 6).  
  5. The minimum length of your total contract period must be six months (i.e. not period remaining).   
  6. Hours for time-sheeted employees will be taken from actual worked between Saturday 1 October and Wedenesday 30 November 2022, verified by local management. 
  7. Employees on paid or unpaid leave (maternity, paternity, sickness, prearranged authorised unpaid leave) will be eligible subject to remaining criteria being met.  

I am leaving the University before Saturday 31 December 2022. Will I receive a payment?   

No. You must be employed up to and including Saturday 31 December 2022.    

I am working my notice period. Will I receive a payment?  

Providing you remain employed by the University up to and including Saturday 31 December 2022, you will receive a payment. 

I have resigned from my role and I am moving to another role in the University. Will I receive a payment?  

Yes, providing your employment continues with the University and the criteria are met in relation to your new role on Saturday 31 December 2022. 

I work part-time. What will I receive?  

Providing you meet the eligibility criteria above, you will receive the full amount, subject to statutory deductions. 

I am currently on maternity leave. Will I receive a payment?  

Yes, subject to the eligibility criteria being met. 

I am on unpaid leave. Will I receive a payment? 

Yes, subject to the eligibility criteria being met. 

I am on a career break. Will I receive a payment?  

Yes, subject to the eligibility criteria being met. 

I have more than one role at the University. What will I receive?  

You will receive one payment, subject to the eligibility criteria being met. 

I have more than one role, but not all are in eligible grades. Will I receive a payment?  

Providing your substantive role falls within the eligible criteria, then you will receive a payment.   

I am paid in the Grade 6 discretionary points. Will I receive a payment?  


I am a Post Graduate Researcher (PGR), so I did not receive payment earlier in the year. Will I receive a payment? 

PGRs are eligible for support through alternative arrangements. This has been communicated separately.  

Will I receive the full £650?  

This, as with any payments via payroll, will be subject to statutory deductions, such as income tax and national insurance. Due to many deductions being based on personal circumstances, we are unable to advise you of the net payment. 

Will the payment impact anything like my Student Loan, Court Order or State Benefits? 

These are personal matters on which the University cannot advise. Please seek advice from the relevant body. This link is a calculator that may help you to understand any potential impact: The Salary Calculator – Take-Home tax calculator

If I receive the payment through payroll, will it be pensionable?  


What happens if I don’t want to receive the one-off payment at all?  

If you wish to decline payment, please inform us by emailing (or ask your manager to email on your behalf) by Wednesday 30 November 2022 at the latest. 

When will payments be made?  

Payments will be made as part of the December payroll. Any payments that may have been missed will be paid in early 2023. 

Can I take my payment in instalments?  

No. This is a one-off payment. 

Last time we were able to choose a voucher. Can I do this again?

The default position is that eligible staff will receive a £650 gross payment through payroll. This will be subject to usual statutory deductions. All eligible employees will have received a separate correspondence allowing them to select a voucher of £475 from a limited set of retailers. 

Last time we received a £650 voucher. Why are we receiving a lower value this time? 

In order to ensure consistency of this scheme, the voucher value has been calculated as approximately equivalent to the net value of £650 gross payment via payroll. This takes into account the impact that the statutory deductions would have had on payments made via payroll. 

Are there any tax implications if I choose a voucher? 

Not for you as an Individual. The University will pay all additional costs relating to the vouchers.   

How do I choose a voucher? 

You will have received an email on Friday 18 November 2022 with an MS form to complete to request a voucher. If you are choosing a £475 voucher, the form needs to be submitted by Wednesday 30 November 2022. After this date, a payment through payroll will be the only option. If you do not have an email account, your line manager or supervisor will assist you. 

Will the range of vouchers be the same? 

No. Given the short timeframe for making vouchers available, the decision has been made to offer the limited range of Asda, Aldi, Sainsburys, Tesco and Morrisons.  

Will I be able to spend the vouchers online? 

No. All vouchers will be for in-store use only. 

My question has not been answered. Where can I go to get further information? 

We have tried to cover the majority of scenarios in these FAQs.  If your question isn’t answered here, please email and our team will be happy to offer additional support.