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Staff networks


Continuous Improvement Network
This network (hosted on Microsoft Teams) provides a stimulating, supportive and collaborative learning environment for all colleagues with an interest in Continuous Improvement. You will be able to use it to share knowledge and experiences, provide feedback and ideas, and seek peer support.

Delivering Results Community
For all those involved with or interested in delivering results across the University, this peer support network provides a space to share ideas, good practice and ask advice particularly in the areas of change, process and project management. Developed to accompany A Practical Guide to Delivering Results

Disability, Accessibility and Mental Health Staff Network
The Disability, Accessibility and Mental Health Staff Network (DAMH) was created to support staff with accessibility requirements, mental/chronic health issues and those who are neuro-diverse or consider themselves disabled. The group aims to improve the process for obtaining reasonable adjustments and change the way disability is perceived at the University. Contact the DAMH network find out more and get involved.

Engaged Research
The Engaged Research Microsoft Team is the go-to place for all things related to engagement with research, with channels dedicated to public engagement, policy engagement, patient involvement, resources and training.

Events Network
The Events Network meets every couple of months to share ideas and good event management practice. Each session has a different theme with input from colleagues from across the University. 

Front Desk Network
For all staff who work as a first point of contact on a front desk, reception desk or similar. The Network aims to share knowledge and experiences to improve front desk service across the University. Previous meetings have included looking at similarities and differences of members, ways of getting feedback on the services members provide, and celebrating success. 

Network for Minoritised Ethnic Staff (N4MES) (formerly the Leeds 11 network)
Providing a positive, supportive and active network for staff who identify with a minority ethnic group.  The Network exists to provide an environment for BME staff to socialise and receive mutual support.

Leeds Female Leaders Network
Bringing together like-minded people with the long term aim to develop, build and maintain strong, female leaders across the healthcare and clinical academic sector in Leeds. Seeking to inspire women by building on confidence, capabilities and contacts, through linking in with other local and national initiatives and developing relationships with established female leaders’ networks from other sectors.

Leeds Network
The Leeds Network is a secure, online database of Leeds alumni who have given details about their careers, and who may be prepared to answer questions, give first-hand accounts of career progression, realistic advice about breaking into a profession, or insightful tips for career advancement to Leeds students and recent graduates.

LGBT+ Staff Network
Ensuring that the views and concerns of LGBT+ staff are represented and considered at organisational level, and that their interests continue to form a part of the University’s wider equality and diversity agenda. Providing a safe, welcoming space and group for LGBT+ identifying staff – and colleagues, whatever their orientation, with  an interest in LGBT+ equality to meet, socialise, and/or benefit from mutual support.

Muslim Staff Network
To represent Muslims within the University, thereby helping promote a greater understanding between employees and liberating the benefits of diverse backgrounds.

PA Network
The PA Network generates opportunities for PAs and other administrative staff to make and maintain professional links across the institution. We aim to increase interaction amongst colleagues, share ideas and best practice and to support the personal development of individual PAs, for the benefit of individuals and the organisation. You can join on Microsoft Teams using code: huuex7d 

PG Hub
Connecting postgrads across all disciplines.

Data Analyst Network 
This network brings together colleagues, from across the university, who process student data, make reports, or have an interest in informing decision making through data and insight analysis. It aims to provide support, as well as a place to share best practice and work more collaboratively. The network welcomes contributions from anyone who would like to share examples, resources and tips regarding data and insights. Training and development opportunities are available throughout the year.

University Apple Users' Group
A mailing list for Apple Mac users to debate and share information.

University Technicians Network
Meetings include; guest speakers on relevant professional development and career related topics, a chance to meet technicians from other departments.

Woman at Leeds Network
A network to support the personal and professional development of all women at the University of Leeds. Includes regular events and invited speakers to offer advice, support and share their experiences.

Learning and teaching

Directors of Student Education Network
An informal network that regularly brings together DSEs from across campus.

TIPS Community
TIPS – ‘Teaching, Innovation, and Practice in Student Education’ –  is a network for teaching and support staff with the aim of collecting and sharing examples of effective practice from across the University. It provides a forum for teaching staff at Leeds to share tips and tricks and to provide mutual support, by colleagues, for colleagues. 

Research and innovation

Email networks (artynet, etc)
Used to send out information of interest to researchers. Most of the information is about new sources of funding for research - but members of the networks are encouraged to advertise research seminars and courses, exchange information, seek collaborators etc.

Research Culture Community
Everyone has a role to play in creating a positive, inclusive and supportive Research Culture that benefits all those involved and has a positive impact. This Microsoft TEAMS community aims to capture, collate and share examples of best practice, the challenges we face and ideas for how we can improve. Use code qsybt4k to sign up.

Social clubs and societies

Friends of University Art and Music

Staff choir (contact via the Staff Centre)

University of Leeds Ladies Club